Sell food to the willing members of the Farmhouse Exchange community


Do you want to sell to people who understand the unique value of your food, and are eager to hear about your story?

Farmhouse Exchange could help you set up an online store for your food and deliver to customers directly. Setting up is almost as easy as selling your second-hand items online.

Our community members are keen to buy from:

  • Famers who can list their products online at Farmhouse Exchange and deliver directly to their door.
  • Home gardeners who are keen to sell packs of excess fruit or vegetables by post or a door-to-door courier service, such as Sendle.
  • Wholesalers who can deliver a bulk range of fruit and vegetable, e.g. in vegetable boxes
  • Boutique stores who sell whole foods

Our aim for Farmhouse Exchange is to create a thriving food marketplace that empowers food sellers to invest in growing, and promoting, really good food.

Join the marketplace in Victoria in Australia

We’re currently inviting all small food businesses in Victoria, Australia to add their top 1-3 products for free!

Join the waitlist to be a Farmhouse Exchange seller somewhere else in the world

We are still a growing community and are opening in different locations at different times. People interested in buying or selling on Farmhouse Exchange join a waitlist and are exclusively invited to create an account only when spaces become available.

We want everyone’s experience of Farmhouse Exchange to be a robust marketplace that has a healthy range of sellers available to customers, and vice versa. That’s why we will only open in locations where we have reached a ‘critical mass’ of buyers and sellers.

For you, this should mean you only need to make the investment of opening an account after there’s enough potential customers to make it worth your while.

All you have to do is enter your details here, and we will send you an email when a spot becomes available in your area. You will then be able to set up an account, review the marketplace and start selling directly to eager customers.

All fields are optional except email address, and we will only use the details you provide for arranging your invitation and store set up (or to send our monthly newsletter all well, if requested).


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What type of food seller are you?
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Want us to open in your area sooner?

We are keen to open our store in all communities as soon as enough people join the waitlist.

You can help Farmhouse Exchange grow in your community faster by promoting us to your friends and family and existing customers.

When promoting Farmhouse Exchange to your network, suggest they join the customer waitlist and add your business name to the Where did you hear about us box. We will take notice of businesses that attract lots of customers, and do our best to reward them by opening in their area as soon as possible.

We will also prioritise businesses who sign up early, and invite some for feedback for how we can better suit their needs. So it will definitely benefit you to get in early!

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