Buy fresh and direct foods at the Farmhouse Exchange


Join a new community marketplace with a focus on exchanging really good foods, like:

  • Produce, meat and dairy direct from farmers
  • Packs of fruits and vegetables from your local home gardeners
  • Fruit and vegetable boxes from retailers with direct relationships to farmers
  • Whole foods from boutique sellers

Join the waitlist to be a Farmhouse Exchange buyer

We are still a growing community and are opening in different locations at different times. Community members are exclusively invited from the waitlist to create an account only when spaces are available.

We will only open the marketplace in geographic areas where we have reached a ‘critical mass’ of sellers and buyers. This ensures everyone gets to experience a robust marketplace worth investing in.

But don’t worry, all you have to do is your enter your email address here, and we will send you an email when a spot becomes available. You will then be able to create an account and view all the available fresh food near you.

All fields are optional except email address, and we will only use the details you provide for sending your invitation (or to send our monthly newsletter all well, if requested).


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Want to get in as soon as possible?

The sooner you join our waitlist, the higher you will be in the queue. You are also more likely to get invited to our Early Tester program!

We also offer an incentive to those who sign up with their friends, leveraging the power of community. If you get someone to register on our waitlist as well, then we’ll give you both higher priority on the waitlist!

Simply tell your friends and family about us, and tell them to add your email address (or just your name) to the Where did you hear about us? box when signing up to the waitlist. We will then do our best to make sure you all get invited to the marketplace as soon as possible – getting started as a community!

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