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Uncover fresh and direct foods that will bring something special to your meals.


Share your interest, knowledge and passion of good food with our community.


Showcase your story to the willing members of this community - and let the food sell itself.


Join the start of a new community of people diving deeper into the food journey.

Join a community of people investing more in the food journey.

Farmhouse Exchange will combine conversations, resources and a marketplace for everyone keen to get more involved in food.

  • Everyone interested in fresh and direct food will be able to research and choose good quality produce, that’s made just the way they like it.
  • Home chefs will be able to learn more, join in our community, and buy the fresh foods direct from the seller.
  • Home gardeners of all experience levels will be able to earn income by selling packs of fresh fruit and vegetables via a local courier service.
  • Farmers and other whole foods retailers will be able to share their stories and sell their food directly to customers who are eager to understand the value of what they have to offer.

Do you eat food? Then you’ll love getting involved in Farmhouse Exchange.

Fact: we all eat food.
Also fact: the food you eat has come on an important journey to reach you.

Whether you picked the food from your garden or ordered dinner over an app, you’ve participated in the global story of food. This story has direct impacts on the world – and your mealtimes!

So we’re here to help each other share in that story and combine our efforts.

The mission, should we choose to accept it:

Create a thriving food marketplace so:

  1. Everyone can afford to buy great fresh food.
  2. Food growers can afford to invest in selling great fresh food.
  3. The whole food network can thrive, and thrive within the means of the planet’s natural resources.

To do that, we’re not just going to buy and sell great food. We’re going to share ideas and educate ourselves, as a community, on how we can grow food in a wide variety of ways that are harmonious with nature, innovative and practical.

These principles acknowledge the significance of food in the world and are based on doughnut economics.


Just getting started on veggie gardening? See tips from Costa Georgiadis


We're growing our new marketplace!


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